TOPIX日足・特長似る1997-1999年/TOPIX (Tokyo stock Price Index) Daily. The recent market character is similar to 1997-1999 year market.





1997-1999年の場合はPhase 3を特定することはできませんでした。

Today we follow analyze TOPIX (Tokyo stock Price Index) daily.

We analyze “HIGARA” similar to 2003-2006 market or not.

You may see our 2011/02/19 report.

We can not define Phase 3 at 1997-1999 market.

Phase X to Y Year 1997-1999 Year 2003-2006 Year 2009-2011
Phase 1 to 2 129-140 days span 239-272 days span 260-278 days span
Phase 2 to 4 176 days span 325 days span
Phase 1 to 4 303-314 days span 563-596 days span
Phase 1 to 5 511-522 days span 725-758 days span


1997-1999 market “HIGARA” cycle is half period comparing other period.


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